Have you met Marvin?

Have you ever stayed solo in a hotel and felt lonely and bored? well 57 Hotel now has this issue sorted.
Let me introduce to you “Marvin Gaye”, 57 Hotel’s fighting fish.  Marvin has quickly adapted to hotel life and is now part of the 57 family.  It is important for us to share the Marvin love, so for $5.00 a night Marvin can stay with you, and we must say he is becoming very popular.
Here are some fun facts about Marvin:
1. It is not just a name, fighting fish – they really do fight
2. They can breathe air, unlike other fish
3. Marvin blowing bubbles at the surface if the water is a good thing, it is an indication that he is happy.
4. Baby fighting fish are raised by their dads
5. The brighter the fighting fish, the happier they are.

July, 12th, 2019

Posted by 57gm at 12:25 AM