Whats Not To Love About Surry Hills?

Nothing apparently, if the answers we received from guests in our recent “We Want To Get To Know You Better” survey are anything to go by. 

Gazing out of the panoramic foyer windows in our 57 Hotel lobby onto hidden alleyways and charming heritage buildings that frame the historic spirit of this suburb, it comes as no surprise that Surry Hills has been voted this year’s most visited Sydney area according to TimeOut Sydney – even streaking ahead of popular beach ‘burb Bondi thanks to its irresistible combination of acclaimed theatres, intriguing galleries, vibrant culinary hotspots, bohemian bars and, of course, quirky boutique hotels.

Aptly named after the building’s location (57 Foveaux Street) and its 70s design influence in reference to New York’s infamous nightclub Studio 54, 57 Hotel finds itself right in the epicentre of this uniquely vivid hub. For me as the General Manager, it honestly doesn’t get much better than witnessing ‘the 2010’ from this front row seat every day.

Just like Surry Hills itself, we too have evolved and grown over the past three years. Hence, we decided it was time for a digital makeover. If you are reading this post, you’re finding yourself on the new virtual home of 57 Hotel, bringing you an enhanced visual identity, a crisp new design and most importantly, a smoother user experience.

Additionally, I am proud to announce the launch of The Groove, our very own blog. Here, we will aim to capture the soul of Sydney’s cultural heart from a fresh perspective, giving you the chance to experience Surry Hills through our own eyes.

While we’ll now get back to producing exciting content for you to read on these pages, I’d like to encourage you to stop by for a virtual visit via the new and improved 57 Hotel 3D Tour.

Now excuse me while I’m facing one of the daily Surry Hills hardships of deciding what trendy eatery I shall choose for lunch today.

We’re hoping to be able to welcome you to 57 Hotel in real life soon.